Tuesday 23rd of May 2017: General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. Moderator of the Church of Scotland, Rev Derek Browning, addresses the Assembly this morning following the terrorist attack in Manchester. The General Assembly then stood for a minute’s silence.

Tuesday 23rd of May 2017: General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. Day Four morning: Richard Frazer delivers the report of the Church and Society Council


  1. London bombings: I was handcuffed & jailed for trying to observe a 2 minutes silence for victims

    On Thursday, 14th July, responding to London mayor Ken Livingstone’s call for a 2 minute silence in respect of the victims of the London bombings, I arrived at Aberdeen railway station, flying my Union flag, with the simple intention to observe the 2 minutes silence in the main railway concourse.

    I arrived in good time, about 11.45a.m, for the start of the silence which was planned for noon. At about 6 or 7 minutes to noon, a plain-clothes security officer, of I suppose, British Transport Police, came up to me in the middle of the concourse and asked me what I was doing.

    I explained. Not hard to explain one would have thought as the railway station TV screens were displaying a message asking people to observe the 2 minutes silence.

    However, the officer said that as I didn’t have specific prior permission and it was private property I would have to leave – IMMEDIATELY.

    I asked him to wait 5 minutes or so until the end of the 2 minutes silence but no.

    I took a deliberate decision to make a stand on my right to demonstrate my solidarity with the victims of the terrorists, so I refused to leave voluntarily before observing the silence.

    So he and another plain clothes transport police officer started man-handling me, trying to get me out of the station.

    The two of them tried to put an arm-lock on me, but quite frankly I was a bit tense and they couldn’t easily manage me on their own.

    So two uniformed – paramilitary-style – police arrived seconds later, and the four of them got me handcuffed.

    I spoke up as I was being handcuffed to the local railway staff who had gathered not so far away – “THIS IS WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU TRY TO OBSERVE A 2 MINUTES SILENCE – IT’S A FASCIST POLICE STATE!”

    There was a photographer there – and he seemed to get a picture of me being lifted.

    So anyway, I was detained in a railway station police cell (I didn’t know they had cells there!) and I was released at about 5 past 12 – just too late to observe the silence in public, although I was observing it on my own in the police cell I suppose.

    So yet another example of the fascist police state in action.

    When you are protesting or demonstrating in large numbers – they usually don’t arrest you if you are peaceful.

    But when it is a small demonstration, and you seem to be on your own, however peaceful you are, the fascist police state officers never hesitate to pick on you to stop your demonstration.

    The lesson is that there is no real freedom and democracy in Scotland or Britain – not with such police fascists in charge – and if you imagine that these fascist police clowns know how to win the war on terrorism, you are kidding yourself.

    In fact, such fascist police thugs are really part of the terrorist problem that needs to be addressed and confronted. So I am confronting all of these terrorists.

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