Kevin Doolan top scored for Berwick in their home defeat. Picture Colin Poole

Gary Havelock will have to wait a little longer to celebrate Berwick Bandits first win following another disappointing home defeat.

This time is was Scunthorpe Scorpions who stung the Borders club and left Havelock cursing his luck.

The team manager said: “When you’re already down luck has a habit of working against you and luck kicked us fair and square in the gut.

“There are still worries in the team. When your reserve scores 16 at home you shouldn’t get even close to losing, but when only three of your team are scoring decent points there’s problems.

Bandits next home match is against Ipswich Witches on Saturday (tapes-up 7pm)

Berwick Bandits 42 (Lewis Bridger 6, Dimitri Berge 5, Liam Carr 4, rider replacement for Claus Vissing, Kevin Doolan 10, Dany Gappmaier 16, Tom Bacon (guest) 1

Scunthorpe Scorpions 48 (Ryan Douglas 10, Carl Wilkinson 8, Lewis Kerr 9,
Michael Palm Toft 13, rider replacement for Josh Auty, Tom Perry (guest) 7, Josh Bailey 1