A new national digital development which rewards young Scots for being physically active has been launched by Scotland’s youth citizenship and information charity, Young Scot.

‘Connect Your Tech’ gives young people aged 11-26 the opportunity to sync their wearable fitness devices (such as Fitbits and Misfits) or mobile phone apps to the Young Scot Rewards programme.

Using the free system, young people receive Reward points for being physically active. The Reward points can then be collected and then redeemed for unique experiences and rewards.

Currently, young people receive points for a 20 burst of physical activity or by completing at least 7,000 steps per day. In the future, Scot plan to develop further challenges and ways to use the technology to encourage physical activity.

To sign up users should CLICK HERE.

The project is part of Active Rewards and programme has been supported by the Scottish Government through the Commonwealth Games Legacy fund. The Legacy fund supports programmes and help deliver a programme of activity which will continue to remove barriers and encourage Scots to become more physically active. ‘Connect Your Tech’ will be promoted through local authorities and the sportscotland Active Schools Network.

Minister for Public Health and Sport Aileen Campbell said: “Having an active lifestyle has a positive impact on physical and mental health, so it’s exciting to see Young Scot using innovative technology to help young people to be more active, more often, backed by Legacy 2014 funding.

“We want to encourage a behaviour change across Scotland and get people of all ages and abilities to get more active and we are working to provide the opportunities that will lead to that.”

“We want to encourage a behaviour change across Scotland and get people of all ages and abilities to get more active and we are working to provide the opportunities that will lead to that.”

Louise Macdonald, Chief Executive of Young Scot, said: “Being active doesn’t just mean sport – it could be everyday activities like walking to school or college, and dancing along to your favourite music.

This is a great example of technology being used to tackle a wider issue. This is just the start for the ‘Connect Your Tech’, and it will be further refined and developed. It’s an exciting time ahead.”

The system works with a wide variety of devices and most smart phone applications to reward all types of physical activity including walking, dancing, swimming, cycling, running and a huge range of activities.

Users need to be part of the Young Scot Rewards programme, a free service for all Young Scot card holders. There are currently over 80,000 young people signed up to the Young Scot Rewards programme.

Users can save up and redeem points for Rewards such as driving lessons, tickets to top events and work shadowing opportunities. A special series of active rewards have been created with sporting equipment and tickets for sporting events.