Tim Pogson Scottish Labour Party

Tim told us about himself: “Originally from Yorkshire, I have lived in Edinburgh since 1995. I have spent virtually my entire career working in the field of social housing.

“I currently work for a charitable organisation that supports council housing services and housing associations throughout Scotland. My specialist area is homelessness policy and practice.

“I live in the Southside and am currectly chair of Southside Community Council. My early family experiences were blighted by disability. I have always wanted to make a positive contribution to my community amd hopefully help others in need. I believe that I have the experience and knowledge necessary to make an excellent contribution to managing public services on behalf of the people of Liberton/Gilmerton ward.

“The Liberton/Gilmerton area is a fantastic place for families to raise their children, minutes from the city centre, filled with its own beautiful green spaces and with the greenbelt right on its doorstep, but it is a community with challenges, and it is these challenges that I would seek to address as a ward councillor.

  1. Anti social behaviour continues to be a major headache in pockets of the ward, and with increasingly severe cuts to community policing resources, challenging these problems isn’t going to become any easier.
  2. Edinburgh is a city in dire need of more housing. We acknowledge that a booming, growing, economically successful city is going to need more houses, but we also need to provide everything that goes along with new communities, more schools, GP surgeries and other community resources. Housing alone does not make a community.
  3. Finally, we are all aware of the spending cuts that threaten our precious public services, education, health, social care, cleansing. I will fight to ensure that Liberton/Gilmerton receives the services it needs and that it deserves.”

Tim spoke to us outside Inch House in the ward. He explained why he thought he would be a good councillor. “A few reasons. When I was growing up, I grew up in a housing association flat, our home, my childhood home, because my father had a disability and wasn’t able to earn tot his full potential. So I think there was some good life experience there. My whole career has been spent in housing, in terms of affordable housing, so I’ve got a lot of experience there in terms of helping with council services and having an understanding of the benefits of housing. And then finally where I stay in the Southside I’m heavily involved with community organisations there, with the community council. And we’ve worked closely with the councillors looking at issues around bins, planning and what have you.

“I think my priority would probably be around housing pressures within Liberton/Gilmerton. Everybody’s aware that Edinburgh is a growing city. We need more housing, more schools. We need investment in new schools where new families are moving into the area, GPs’ surgeries, public transport.

“We need to make sure that council services are well run and well delivered.”

Tim Pogson from Phyllis Stephen on Vimeo.

The 2017 candidates for the four member ward are as follows:

CAMERON, Lezley Marion (Scottish Labour Party)

HOWIE, Derek (Scottish National Party (SNP))

KNOX, John Christopher (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

MACINNES, Lesley (Scottish National Party (SNP))

NICHOL, John (Scottish Green Party)

POGSON, Tim (Scottish Labour Party)

SMITH, Stephanie (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)