The Reeves Collection of textiles was sold at Lyon & Turnbull’s auction house earlier today for £231,600.

The renowned collector had amassed textiles all the way through his life from the early days of his own fashion designer career in London in the sixties.

Reeves said: “I am thrilled with the result. My aim with the sale was to establish textiles as an art form in their own right. The results speak for themselves and I feel completely vindicated in deciding to hold the sale. I am grateful to Lyon & Turnbull for putting their faith in me, they have done an excellent job marketing and displaying the sale.”

John Mackie Director at Lyon & Turnbull said, “The auction at Lyon & Turnbull was a determined aim to establish Textile Art rightly alongside the Fine Arts. All the pieces came from Paul Reeves in Cirencester, and were presented in a manner which makes them eminently usable and ready to hang, many framed and with others mounted to display with great effect in either a modern or period setting.”

Highlights from the sale include a rare linen panel designed by Frank Lloyd Wright which sold for £5,750; a silk crepe, hand blocked print by Vorticist artist Wyndham Lewis for The Omega Workshops, circa 1914, which made £10,250; and a pair of silk dove and rose pattern hanging panels by William Morris which sold for £6,000.