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Golden Hare Books is one of those rare things – an independent book shop! It is happily at home now in St Stephen Street following a few years in the Grassmarket.

Every single part of what they do from the layout of their shop to each and every book they curate for sale, they are careful to choose with design at the forefront of their minds.

Every book is displayed beautifully with maximum display space facing outwards so that the reader is attracted to it! But beware, they move the books around to show them all off so you may never see the same book in the same place.


This is proper bookselling with every staff member an avid reader deeply appreciative of the craft of producing a book, and happy to help you find your next read, or a gift for someone else.

The shop offers customer ordering, their own wonderfully designed gift vouchers, 10% student discount and free (yes that is for nothing!) cafetiere coffee on hand to help you with your choices.

As well as selling books Golden Hare has events in the shop and elsewhere to support some of the less well-known authors in the city (and actually some pretty big names too!)

They are having a Christmas Party on 8 December 2016 with late night shopping and mulled wine. They are also offering a blind date with a book and special guests! No tickets just turn up between 5.00pm and 9.00pm.

Their events are wide and varied showing that there is much more to a book shop than just arranging some books on the shelves and expecting people to buy the, They hold workshops, weekly Sunday stories for children and a silent reading party…. Find out more on their website!


In the New Year why not join their book group? They are meeting on 3 January 2017 to discuss their first book of 2017, The French Intifada by Andrew Hussey. No need to book just turn up! More details here.

Combining a fascinating and compulsively readable mix of history, literature, and politics with his years of personal experience visiting the banlieues and countries across the Arab world, especially Algeria, Hussey attempts to make sense of the present situation. In the course of teasing out the myriad interconnections between past and present in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Beirut, and Western Europe, The French Intifada shows that the defining conflict of the twenty-first century will not be between Islam and the West but between two dramatically different experiences of the world–the colonisers and the colonised.

And the latest excitement is that they have an online store coming soon!

Golden Hare Books 68 St Stephen Street, Stockbridge, EH3 5AQ

t 0131 629 1396


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