Join the Victorian era’s finest time travelling magicians as they tackle one of the festive season’s most iconic tales, Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’, adding their own blend of fantastical storytelling and mind-bending illusions to the mix. Morgan & West present a festive show brimming with magic fit for the whole family.

A (sort of) Christmas Carol Magic Show is a fun-filled magical extravaganza, effortlessly driven by the Morgan and West’s ability to entertain and re-imagine the Dickensian classic for a modern audience.

With Morgan’s enthusiasm for enacting the famous story prevailing over his actual grasp of the plot, and West’s suspiciously Scrooge like tendencies and initial desire to champion magic over theatre, the pair create a truly entertaining festive performance bursting with Victorian panache and cunning nods to modern pop culture which can be enjoyed by all ages (5+).

Morgan & West: A (sort of) Christmas Carol Magic Show runs from 1st December to 7th January 2017 at Festival Square Theatre.

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