alice-in-wonderlandCan you imagine six impossible things before breakfast? Try these words -Donald/Trump/In/The/White/House.

Perhaps Anthony Neilson’s ingenious take on Lewis Carroll’s timeless psycho-charade of childhood fantastical philosophical conundrums might explain it.

The impossible becomes incredible. With Nick Powell’s melodious curious and curiouser circumlulatory musical machinations adding atmospheric gaslit anthems to the Lyceum’s glorious Victorian setting you would be mad as a hatter not to be there to share a smile with the Cheshire cat.

Remember what the dormouse said – ‘Feed your head.’ Otherwise, The Queen Of Hearts might chop it off!

Suitable for all ages from conception to cremation Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has been the best loved of all children’s stories for over 150 years. This Christmas The Lyceum will bring Lewis Carroll’s serendipidous classic to life with a magical new production in a magnificent Victorian wonderland.

Don’t be late for this very important date!

Tickets here.