Fur Elise, described as ‘un tragicomédie de mime’ is forgivably romantic, drenched in French piano sonata sensuality, and an utter delight. York DramaSoc’s engaging Parisian set mime with printed word and sound effects tells the story of ragamuffin Francois’s pursuit of the seeming unattainable, beautiful Elise.

Frankly, (get it?) life for Francois right now is seriously merde! There are any number of wittily constructed ensemble pieces that are genuinely funny and tease the audience into unraveling the enigmatic setting they are creating – sometimes to Ravel – irony in mime, now there’s something new!

Elise’s long red skirt and delicate white blouse contrasts delightfully with the casts’ archetypal French hooped shirts and Francois’s corduroy rags. Will Elise still marry the aloof, possibly tortured Left-Bank existentialist poet, Pierre?

Even after she and Francois have midnight rowing-boat romantic splash – owls included? Unafraid to self-parody and subvert the conventions this highly versatile young troupe are equally adept at both tugging at the heart strings as well and some metaphorical pulling down the trousers. Warm, charming and deliciously innocent in intent it is certainly one for all the family.

Highly recommended.


Für Elise

Theatre (mime, new writing)

C venues – C nova (Venue 145) 12:00 1 hour

Suitability: UGroup: York DramaSoc