The Bookbinder is a dark and mysterious one-man show set in a bookbinder’s workshop, brought to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe by the award-winning New Zealand company Trick of the Light.

An old bookbinder sits down to read the tale of an erstwhile apprentice. As he speaks, the story spills from the pages and into the bindery – from pop-up book to puppetry, story-telling to live action.

The Bookbinder was first performed in the back room of a second-hand bookshop in Wellington, New Zealand. Since then, it has toured throughout New Zealand and Australia – from theatres and bars to attics and flour mills – winning accolades including Best of the Fringe at the New Zealand Fringe, the International Excellence Award at Sydney Fringe, and the BDO Children’s Theatre Award at Fringe World in Perth.

A dark fairytale in the vein of Neil Gaiman, The Bookbinder is suitable for adults and older children (10+).

This pocket-sized production will play at The Cellar in Pleasance Courtyard from August 3 – 28.


VENUE: Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33)
DATES: Aug 3-28 (Notr Mondays)
TIME: 13:00 (1 hour)
TICKETS: £9/£8; (Preview – £6)

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