front line

Created and performed by international musician and performer Elyssa Vulpes, Front Line tells the story of Sophia, a refugee from the Bosnian war who has made a new life for herself in Scotland as an offbeat sex education high school counselor.

Sophia discovers her inner wisdom as she faces issues of romance, sexuality and self-doubt while reconciling her troubled past.

This world premiere musical play features original songs and is directed by award-winning NYC-based director Mahayana Landowne.

Elyssa Vulpes writes and stars in this original life affirming play in which self-effacing comedy, audience interaction and lighthearted songs uplift the spirit. Front Line explores the power of ‘agape’ (universal unconditional love) as a means of transcending personal and global challenges towards a more positive future.

The marriage of song and situation create a playful character who invites you into her quirky world – and together you will expand your perspective on the deeper meaning of love.


VENUE: Just the Tonic at the Community Project (Venue 27)
DATES: Aug 4-14
TIME: 20:15 (55 mins)
TICKETS: £8.50/£6.50/£20 Family

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