A troubled young painter pours himself so deeply into his work that he can no longer discern fantasy from reality. Ambrose Cappuccio, Artistic Director of Sublevel Theater Group, presents his new play, Confetti – a story about the intersection between love and creativity.

In Confetti, Cal meets his match in the form of the wildly sarcastic and passionate Lliope (Li-o-pi), providing him inspiration and distraction from his paintings.  The two form a quick bond as they wander through the forest and into Cal’s mind.

Suddenly realizing that Lliope may not be the girl she says she is, Cal starts to question everything about his work and begins seeing two very different sides of Lliope.

Confetti is an abstract portrayal of the helpless infatuation that takes place in the mind of a confused artist. He must decide: Is love the cure or the disease? The writing and performances in Confetti serve as a warm reminder of the intensity and fury of the young heart.


VENUE: Venue 13
DATES: Aug 6-27 (Not Mondays)
TIME: 11:20 (1 hour)
TICKETS: £10/£8; (Preview – £6)

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