There can be few more spiritually uplifting experiences in natural world phenomenon than witnessing the spectacular arrival of so many thousands of Pink-footed geese along the East Lothian coastline come mid September. The captivating, ethereal echo of their honking flocks straddling across the skies in signature chevron formation marks the conclusion of their epic migration from the Icelandic/Greenland wilds.

In Wind Resistance, Karine Polwart celebrates the autumnal return of some two and a half thousand pink-footed geese from Greenland to winter at Fala Flow, a protected peatbog south-east of Edinburgh. She embraces and reimagines the surrounding landscape through history, song, and the beautifully conceived concept of ‘birdlore’ entwined within a personal memoir. Ideas of sanctuary, maternity, goose skeins, Scottish football legend and medieval medicine all take flight, in this compelling combination of story and song.

Award-winning Scottish singer, songwriter and composer, Karine Polwart’s, enchanting fantasian flight of fancy will be performed in The Lyceum’s ‘Rehearsal Studio’ – a new, bespoke and intimate venue, created in the theatre company’s own rehearsal space.

This multi-platformed exposition also marks the first production of newly appointed Artistic Director, David Greig as Dramaturge, in partnership with Director, Wils Wilson. (Dramaturge is not some Hipster ‘artisan’ whisky by the way, it refers to Greig being the sprinkler of faerie-dust, sheparding Karine Polwart’s myriad concepts into a unifying theme. Gandalf to her Frodo as you will.)

David Greig had this to say of Karine and her dazzling conceptual piece, “Karine is a mesmerising musician and singer but she is also an incredible storyteller. She can take us deep into ordinary lives, into nature, into history with a couple of well-turned lines. Wind Resistance is above all a wonderful piece of writing.” (Did you know that other names for geese flocks include blizzard, knot, plump, string and chevron?)

Why not feather your imaginations’ nests and goosey gander gaggle about in this lady’s wonderful chamber of delights?

The Royal Lyceum Theatre Company presents, in association with Edinburgh International Festival, the World Premiere of – Wind Resistance by Karine Polwart.

700x-º70_WindResistDirected by Wils Wilson. Dramaturgy by David Greig

4 August – 21 August 2016