The Greater Grassmarket Business Improvement District (BID) venture grows apace with a series of diverse and spectacular free artistic showcases already up and running. This weekend 18-19 June there will be a jamboree of international circus acts performing all sorts of weird and wonderful, dastardly and daring feats of spectacular agility – some to an eccentrically conceived family-friendly pirate theme!

Next week on25 June there will be another free event that draws on Edinburgh’s vibrant musical talent.

The Edinburgh Reporter spoke with co-organiser, Kyle Wilson, whose professional work with Generate Music PR/Travelled Music strives to promote and develop local emerging artists.

“The idea behind the Grassmarket Acoustic Stage,” said Kyle,” is to promote the wealth of local talent that Edinburgh has to offer and bring outdoor live music back to Edinburgh’s Old Town as well as supporting charities such as Oxjam.” Oxjam began in 2006, aiming to create a network of music-lovers across the UK, all united by a shared goal – to raise money to fight poverty and suffering around the world.


Kyle continued: “With another hat on I work for Edinburgh University Students’ Association running weekly free live music events to showcase upcoming bands from Edinburgh and further afield. The events start again in September and host three local bands a week, all free entry shows!

“Glasgow is seen as the best place for live music in Scotland and whilst that might be true to an extent, Edinburgh shouldn’t be disregarded. There is an extremely healthy live music scene in the capital, which has continued to grow and bubble away. Go out to events and see for yourself! ”

Callum Ross works for Greater Grassmarket :

“Greater Grassmarket (BID) is doing great things to breathe life and bring trade into Grassmarket area. Monthly events are taking place for Greater Grassmarket who run weekly markets in Grassmarket Square.

“For the remaining events we have teamed up with Oxjam ahead of their festival in October to also raise money for both charities. The aim of the event is to bring live music back to the Grassmarket and showcase one of Edinburgh’s greatest hubs for local business and innovation. My role is events management and responsibllity for booking the musicians and promotion.”

While the Edinburgh Reporter would not wish to see a reoccurrence of the infamous Grassmarket Porteous lynching Riots of 1736, readers might fancy ‘hanging out’ and proffering their enthusiastic support.


Greater Grassmarket Acoustic Stage

Saturday June 25th. 12 noon-5pm