f114b6_3f326a9b6584452fba98e0fab3a172a1The next films at the New Town Community Cinema will be shown on Good Friday 25 March 2016.

There is a matinee for children and something a bit racier for the adults in the evening.

The afternoon film is called My Neighbour Totoro which is a Japanese fantasy film featuring a giant sprite!

In terms of plot, there isn’t a massive amount going on, but that is entirely immaterial. The simplicity of the story means that it’s easily understood by all ages, regardless of language.

It also allows for audience projection as to the creature’s significance. Is he real or in the girls’ heads to help them deal with their mother’s sickness?

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter. Silent, helpful and happy, Totoro’s the best companion a child could ask for. Come see a wonderful movie and make a friend.


The evening film begins at 7:00pm at Glasite Meeting House, 33 Barony Street EH3 6NX and is a crime thriller called Nine Queens 

Our season of films set in capital cities leaves Europe and travels to South America and the Argentinian capital of Buenos Aires, the setting for Fabian Bielinsky’s debut crime thriller, Nine Queens.

Nine Queens is the kind of film Hollywood struggles to emulate, with a clever script that will keep you guessing until the end and some great performances and touches of humour.

The film starts with a seemingly chance meeting between Juan (Gaston Pauls) and Marcos (Ricardo Darin), a pair of con-artists who then find themselves with a once in a lifetime opportunity to pull a major sting involving rare stamps (the ‘nine queens’ of the film’s title).

The Glasite Meeting House which is home to the cinema is the former home of a Scottish religious sect. The founder was Rev John Glas who was a Church of Scotland minister.

The A-listed building is run by the charity Scottish Historic Buildings Trust who pay all overheads. Any profits go back into the running costs.

Photo courtesy of New Town Community Cinema