Award-winning science-theatre writer-performer John Hinton comes to the Edinburgh Fringe this year with his new show, The Element In The Room, at Pleasance Courtyard – a musical comedy about the life and work of Marie Curie, which premieres at the Edinburgh Fringe. It’s the third in his ’Scientrilogy’ which has toured internationally and won several awards, and all three are playing in rep.

He performs with his partner Jo Eagle. They got together in 2013 and quickly decided to do a show together – his last, Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speaking. Jo played Einstein’s wife Elsa, and they ended up touring the world together with it and fell in love. They’re now working on the Marie Curie show, cross-dressing with John as Marie and Jo as her dedicated husband Pierre.

And now in a remarkable twist in the story John and Jo got engaged this year and – in a testament to the shows that brought them together – they got married on 26 July, on the same day that Marie and Pierre Curie were married 120 years ago (on 26 July 1985)!

Many congratulations to them (and we are assured that they got married in ‘normal’ wedding garb!)

Submitted by Will Young