Three Things to Make Your 2015 Extra Healthy!

The focus of New Years’ resolutions (now long forgotten) and morning-after ‘never again’s’ the world over, forging a healthier lifestyle for yourself is something we have all done at some point or another. Unfortunately though, the path to healthiness and fitness is one fraught with difficulty. What do I need to cut out? What do I need to focus on? Which lifestyle choices will bestow the greatest benefit upon my body? They’re all difficult questions to answer, but look no further – we have all manner of great tips to put you on the right course!

Getting Enough Sleep

This tip might not initially come to mind when you first start thinking about getting healthier, however it is one of, if not the most, important thing to get on top of if you want to be more healthy.

For adults, official advice from sleep experts advises between 7 and 9 hours every night, and simply by getting rid of those late night laptop sessions and ensuring your bed is fit for purpose, you too can achieve this reasonable amount of hours. If you’re a sleeper who enjoys spreading out lots when you rest your head, think about getting hold of a superking ottoman bed. These beds are big, beautiful and available for a surprisingly meagre price from online retailers such as Bedstar, and will definitely make a difference to your nightly routine.

Diet Matters

If you regularly eat fried, fatty meals, doled out in mega-sized portions, you should definitely enact some culinary changes. As a rule, the fresher your food is the better. Do away with processed foods and inedible frozen foods, instead opting for fruits, vegetables and low-calorie meats such as chicken. Also, try and avoid sugary drinks and excess coffee, opting instead for lovely, old fashioned water! If you really want to push the boat out, try having a few meat-free days during your week; you’ll be surprised by how much fresher you’ll feel and your concentration levels will improve too.


Especially important for those that want to lose weight alongside their new healthy routine, getting enough exercise is something that simply can’t be stressed enough as an avenue to good health.

You can join a gym in order to get your exercise kicks, but a far cheaper option is simply to use the world as your gym! Go jogging around your local area; use your stairs as an indoor endurance booster; you could even get plastic carrier bags, filled with weighty household items, as impromptu weights!

Cycling out to Cramond is a good way to get some exercise miles under your belt.
Cycling out to Cramond is a good way to get some exercise miles under your belt.

As with any lifestyle change, perseverance is key; there’s no point indulging in one thirty minute dose of exercise each week (unless you did less than that beforehand…) as this won’t fully strain and exert your muscles and cardiovascular system.

Getting healthy isn’t an easy task, but follow these three tips and you’ll be on the right track.

Do any of you have your own health tips? Comment below!