For their ‘Edinburgh album launch’, the poky Sneaky Pete’s wasn’t so poky for Axis Of’s first Sneaky Pete’s gig, however they played it like it was rammed, sold-out and more spacious. The Northern Irish three-piece are hard to place in terms of sound, but one thing that can be said is that they are an entertaining composite of The Cribs, At the Drive-in, and glimpses of Weezer.

They are the one of those live bands whose studio-to-live transition is unblemished. Their live performance is probably much superior to their studio work, with energy levels admirably surpassing and entirely contrasting the levels of the crowd’s enthusiasm. The half-an-hour headlining slot for Axis Of just simply wasn’t enough as they ripped through their the majority of their album.

With their short-and-sweet new album, The Mid Brae Inn, already out, they are one of the few Northern Irish outfits with export potential, and no wonder My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero has asked the band to hop on a European tour with him.