Scott McWatt has composed a new song dedicated to helping the families of those who lost their lives in the George Square crash in Glasgow in December.

The song, entitled ‘Glasgow (Your Heart is Made of Gold)’, is aimed at raising funds for The Glasgow City Council Queen Street Fund.

The singer-songwriter had his Maryhill flat all to himself last Thursday and penned the entire track in one day. The following day, Scott released a live rendition of the track recorded with just him, his guitar and a harmonica around his neck.

Scott said: “I had the basis for it already the day after the crash. It was a fluid process. It was one of those songs where the melody and the lyrics fall into place.”

The song takes a ride through personal experiences in Scott’s life growing up in Glasgow, his admiration for the city, concluding with the horrific accident that took place at George Square, which clearly deeply saddened the folk singer who praises the unity of the city after the incident.

“It was something I thought about for a while. I always wanted to do one about the city. Loads of songs are like that: Beatles famous for writing songs about Liverpool and then there’s several American cities. There was something in the back of my mind.

“Then there were all the things that happened over Christmas: thinking about things, the bin lorry crash. So I thought I’m going to try and do something.”

The song is now taking the singer down new avenues with Gorbals Sound Studio dedicating a free day of recording and mixing time so that Scott can lay down the track professionally. ‘Glasgow (Your Heart is Made of Gold’ is expected to be released on January 26 and all profits will be donated to charity.

The track is also expected to have an accompanying video to be filmed in the Glasgow area this Sunday  18 January. A few famous faces from the Glasgow area are to make an appearance in the video, although names are yet to be announced.

Scott’s main objective is focusing on using the track to raise as much money for charity as possible. After the storm calms a little, the admirable Glaswegian will then go back to work on a new record.

“I have an idea for the next record. I’ve already recorded a few demos for it. Hopefully a new single will be out in September or October, however I’m still deciding which producer I’m going to record the album with.

“At the moment I’m hoping we get the song out as much as possible and raise a lot of money for charity.”

Scott has confirmed he will be performing at the George Square benefit, an event committed to raising funds for the families of those affected by the crash.

The singer-songwriter will also be performing at this year’s Strathyre Music Festival in May.