Sunday’s Child Roadshow – in Edinburgh this weekend

Want to get into the spirit of celebration? EMMS International has had an exciting series of evenings full of music and inspirational stories from Malawi. The Sunday’s Child Roadshow is coming to an end, with its final concert taking place in Edinburgh. A wealth of home-grown musical talent has performed at the roadshow, helping to improve the lives of those with incurable disease.

Singer Eloho Efemuai will be showcasing her wonderful festive, gospel style at our Edinburgh event at St Andrew’s and St George’s West on 12 December. She has said: “My desire has always been that my music will transform lives and make a lasting positive impact… I am proud to be part of this epoch-making event and I pray we are able to raise a substantial amount.”

The roadshow is part of the Sunday’s Child Appeal. Until 31 January next year, all donations to this appeal will be matched pound for pound by the UK government. This is a huge opportunity to double our impact in easing the pain of people with terminal illness and alleviate the suffering of children in Malawi. The difference we could make cannot be over-stated.

Cornelius Huwa, a doctor at the Palliative Care Support Trust in Malawi, will be participating in all five events. Drawing on his first-hand experience, he will explain how the Sunday’s Child Appeal will change the lives of those who are currently in pain: “There is nothing more inspiring than when, in the midst of so many voices saying “There is nothing else that can be done”, one voice emerges and shouts “Yes, there is!” – the roadshow is that voice”.

St Andrew’s and St George’s West Church will host Edinburgh’s roadshow event, so come along at 7.30pm on 12 December 2014 for an evening filled with music and uplifting talks. Tickets are priced at £5 each

Book your ticket now at Eventbrite, or contact EMMS International on 0131 313 3828 or – paper tickets are available for sale too. Details about the roadshow can be found at

Don’t forget, all money raised on the night will be matched pound for pound by the UK government, so please join EMMS International in making a real difference!