Their debut album, Sun Structures, has been out for 10 months, yet Temples’ take on music that originated in the 1960’s doesn’t sound dated at all. The psychedelic outfit, who on the night are accompanied by the Mad Alchemy liquid light show, appear neatly dressed, sonically profound and collectively mercurial.

Temples don’t create tension. They got straight to the action and begin with the album’s title track. The set was dominated by Sun Structures with only a couple of b-sides slipped in. The studio to live transition is as immaculate as the band’s outfit for the evening. Every little detail is spotted in their live performance as rhythm guitarist and keyboardist, Thomas Walmsley, adds the touches to the sound from the synth.

Temples didn’t have too much to say to the crowd and skipped straight to the next song after a sip of beer. Songs such as ‘Colours to Life’ and ‘A Question Isn’t Answered’ were executed at pitch perfect studio quality with added psychedelic jams for the audience to trip out too with the hallucinatory backdrop.

The one-song encore of ‘Mesmerise’ added a felicitous conclusion to the gig with a near 10-minute pleasantly turbulent rendition that had the audience fascinated and struggling to leave long after Temples departed the stage.


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