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In celebration of Alexander Awareness Week, the Centre for Holistic Health, an Edinburgh based alternative therapies centre, is opening its doors to the community with a complimentary Introduction to Alexander Technique Lesson, making this popular treatment more accessible. This session runs at 5a York Place Edinburgh on Sunday October 12th from 10-4pm.

With the Alexander technique you can….

Be poised without stiffness
Move gracefully with less effort
Be alert and focused with less strain

The Alexander technique is a simple and practical method for self improvement and self help.

Anyone can benefit
Poise, vitality and coordination improve
Breathing and speaking become easier
Movement becomes lighter and more enjoyable

What happens in a lesson?

Using explanation and a guiding touch to help you re-discover balance and ease within yourself. You start by working with simple movements and positions such as sitting, walking or bending the knees which are basic to all activity. Through experience and self observation you learn how you can prevent or release it. This awareness enables you to change longstanding habits and function more efficiently and in time bring awareness and poise to anything that you do.


Then why not consider booking your complimentary introduction with Malcolm Hurst at the Holistic health Centre on Sunday 12 October 2014. Malcolm had his first Alexander lesson some 30 years ago and having lessons helped him overcome longstanding, debilitating back pain. His early lessons were so powerfully and positively impacting that he decided to give up his work as a P.E. teacher in order to train to teach the Alexander technique.

He said:  ‘I love the technique and it has been my privilege to work with many people who have sought its help. In an increasingly stressful world we all need to develop our personal resources to help us maintain our health and well being. The Alexander technique is a tool which has the potential to offer lifelong support’.

For a complimentary Introduction to Alexander Technique Lesson, call 0131 556 8440 to book your place at the Centre for Holistic Health, 5a York Place Edinburgh on Sunday October 12th.


 Submitted by Centre for Holistic Health