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Scottish Independence Referendum 

Dog fouling

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Fireworks on the Forth Road Bridge

There are now three days campaigning left before the Referendum vote on Thursday.

Better Together got John Reid to speak on their behalf yesterday at the Glasshouse Hotel at the top of Leith Walk. He posed five questions which he claims undecided voters need answers to.


The questions are:

Jobs – When so many businesses have said that they would be forced to move, are you certain that your job is safe?

Currency – Do you know what the currency will be?

Pensions – Are you sure your pension is safer in a separate Scotland?

Prices – Are you confident that prices in the shops won’t go up?

NHS – Are you certain the NHS can be funded after separation?

John Reid said that if people in Scotland don’t get answers to these fundamental questions, they should vote No.

Speaking in Edinburgh today, John Reid said:

“In this referendum the nationalists can offer you anything and if you vote for them and they don’t deliver there is no way you can kick them out because there is no way back from this decision.

“And so their promises and their threats get all the more desperate.

“Nowhere are they more desperate – more cynical – than when they talk about our National Health Service.

“Six months ago Nicola Sturgeon was telling the SNP conference that because of devolution the NHS in Scotland couldn’t be privatised.

“In their 2011 manifesto they said they had all the powers they needed to protect the NHS.

“Yet a few weeks ago – when the polls wouldn’t budge for them – they decided that wasn’t true.

“And they went on the most cynical, disgusting campaign I have seen in my political career.

“They went to the sick and the vulnerable and told them the NHS was going to be privatised if they didn’t vote yes.

“The only way that could be true is if Alex Salmond privatises it in a day of reckoning to punish the people of Scotland after we vote No.

“The NHS cannot be privatised unless the Scottish Parliament decides to privatise it.

“So let’s nail that SNP lie on the NHS.

“And then they talk about funding.

“The Institute for Fiscal Studies showed this week that this SNP government has withheld from the Scottish NHS rises in spending which even the Tories – the Tories – spent on the English NHS.

“Be clear. The Scottish Parliament has the power now to increase NHS spending.

“That power will increase in the coming months. And it will increase even further when our proposals are passed.

“If you are tempted to vote yes for whatever reason, if you vote yes to save the NHS you are voting yes on a lie.

“Only a No vote will bring about the change, and the stability, security and growth which will give us the resources to properly fund the NHS.

“There are up to 500,000 undecided voters in Scotland. My message to them is simple – if you don’t know, vote No. It’s not a risk worth taking.”

The Yes campaign were out in force at The Meadows yesterday afternoon. Although there were also some Better Together campaigners there the event had the overwhelming feel of a Yes event due to the number of pro-independence campaigners there.

In Glasgow meanwhile crowds gathered outside the BBC’s Pacific Quay studios to mark their objections to the BBC coverage of the Independence Referendum campaign which they believe has been biased.

For those who are voting for the first time Young Scot has produced a video featuring a pupil from St Thomas of Aquins High School as a guide:



The Clean Up Scotland campaign, run by the independent charity Keep Scotland Beautiful, has today  urged Scots to heed its “Ditch the Dirt” campaign warnings, as Scotland’s parks face a public vote for recognition in a UK wide competition.

Dog fouling is still regarded as one of the major hindrances to increased use of Scotland’s outdoor spaces, with an irresponsible minority of dog walkers blighting the prospects for the nation’s parks, as well as impacting on the reputation of the vast majority of owners who responsibly clean up after their dog. The Clean Up Scotland campaign has brought together over 370,000 volunteers in Clean Ups across the country, and 64% of those events have reported a problem with dog fouling.

Keep Scotland Beautiful is demanding a zero-tolerance approach, and urging all dog owners to Ditch the Dirt and help make Scotland’s parks the best they can be. The call comes as the charity is asking everyone to vote for their favourite park or open space in a public vote accessed through the Keep Scotland Beautiful website .

Mark Bevan, Head of Campaigns at Keep Scotland Beautiful has called for a renewed determination to change behaviour amongst irresponsible dog owners:

“Our Ditch the Dirt campaign is highlighting the impact that dog fouling is having on public use of our open spaces – it is one of the most common reasons for not making the most of our magnificent parks. At a time when Scotland’s parks are being rated and compared to the very best across the UK, we simply can’t expect second best to be good enough to deliver success.

“So, as the national vote is in full swing, let’s use that to spur renewed energy and determination to Ditch the Dirt.”

In recent research into public attitudes to littering carried out by Keep Scotland Beautiful, almost 7 in 10 people rated dog fouling as the item on our streets, parks and beaches that angered them most. Irresponsible dog owners who do not pick up after their pet risk a £40 Fixed Penalty Notice which increases if left unpaid.

Mark Bevan added:

“We want dog owners to enjoy their dogs and take them to the fantastic open spaces that Scotland is renowned for, however, we have a simple message: Grab it, bag it, bin it – any public litter bin will do!”

Suitably bagged, dog waste can be disposed of in any public litter bin, or the many dedicated dog waste bins that are provided. A support pack can be downloaded from www.keepscotlandbeautiful.org/ditchthedirt, and a supply of poo bags is available on request from info@cleanupscotland.com

Edinburgh Council also has a page on its website where they ask you to report any dog fouling that you spot in Edinburgh.


A fundraiser for Macmillan Cancer Support is being staged at The Churchill Theatre in Morningside next week.

Showcase return with a brand new selection of Pop, Rock, Classical, Stage and Screen HITS!  2014 see Showcase turn to Aztec Camera, Jekyll and Hyde, Sunshine on Leith, Pink, Bastille and lots more.

Showcase 2014 is performed by a cast of over 50 performers and a 14 piece orchestra.  All proceeds raised by the show go directly to MacMillan Cancer Support and their extraordinary work helping people who live with Cancer.

Time: 7.30pm (Saturday Matinee – 2.30pm)
Tickets: £14.00


If you are tired of all the referendum news and just want to get away from it all for a while then The Filmhouse has the new Colin Firth film showing later. Ticket details here.


Did you miss the Fireworks at the Forth Road Bridge on Saturday evening?
Well you can watch them here: