_2014JOSIELO_STSome comedians have witty one liners, funny jokes that are entertaining exaggerations, clearly enjoyable works of fiction. Some comedians give a routine that is really part of themselves and their own experiences, and Jose Long is well and truly in the latter camp.

For this year’s Fringe show, Long draws on her experiences of relationships and shares how she has had her heart broken. This routine touches on real emotion in real life, and is as far removed from the tired old cynical “difference between men and women in relationships” material as is possible.  It is introspective and honest, describing the breakup of relationship at a time when many of her contemporaries are setting down into long term relationships and parenthood. She describes ‘dry heaving at the thought of growing old alone.’ And yet it is ultimately hopeful and uplifting, delivered in Long’s mellifluous tones that always seem on the point of bubbling into laughter.

Although this routine is mainly personal and romantic, Long’s politics are deeply embedded, like words through a stick of rock. Her impression of the murder of Nigel Farage is a truly novel highlight. Her love of 1930’s Film Noir allows her to break into charmingly camp impressions from time to time, gesturing with imaginary cigarettes. She also shares the games she plays at Classical Music concerts, and encourages her audience to “also play this on the bus”

This particular show may not have instant appeal for the twenty-somethings who are not in Long’s situation of being “32, too old for ***** up relationships”, but for her contemporaries it’s a gem. Come and find out what she looks for in a man, and what considers “the most niche erotica ever printed”.

Her segment about her deep and visceral love for her newborn niece, the Cara Josephine of the title, again speaks best to those who share her experience. She describes how she wants to shower her with love, and is reminiscent of Lennie in ‘Of Mice and Men’, although obviously much funnier and less tragic.

She will make you laugh, restore your faith in romantic and familial love, and probably make you want to rush up and hug her for all her bubbly loveliness.

Josie Long -Cara Josephine         The Stand Comedy Club 16.20 until the 24th August