Abi Cid

This is a great concept for a show.  It is hosted by Abi Roberts (who is appearing in the brilliant Twerk in Progress at The Voodoo Rooms 4.50pm every day) and features a different comedy guest every day.

Today’s guest was the fantastically funny Luisa Omielan who is starring in “Am I right ladies” at The Counting House 10.15pm.

The format is pretty straightforward: the guest has chosen songs for different aspects of their life things like first kiss, a getting ready to go out song, funeral song etc.   Luisa’s choices were decent enough and included Beyoncé (not a fan to be honest) Cher, Savage Garden and a few others.

But the best part was the unrehearsed karaoke of Dead Ringer for Love with Abi as Meat Loaf and Luisa as Cher.  The audience loved it!

Throughout the show the chat between host and guest was very funny indeed.

The daily guests will include Al Murray and Nathan Caton and the show runs until 24th August 12.30pm at The Gilded Balloon Turret

Tickets are £9.50 (Concessions £8.50)


Find Abi on Twitter: @abiroberts and Musical CID: @comedydiscs

Find Luisa on Twitter: @luisaomielan