Venue 406 LifeCare Centre, 2 Cheyne Street, Edinburgh EH4 1JB

1 Aug – 3 Aug, 8 Aug, 10 Aug, 15 Aug -17 Aug, 22 Aug, 24 Aug  at 3:00pm (1 h 30 min)

23 Aug at 2:00pm (1h 30 min)

Tickets: £10 (Adult); £7 (Concession); £6 (Family)

Dance Ihayami invites you to the ultimate Indian dance feast of full heart involvement, spontaneity working to its fullest, precise technique, unforgettable expressions and a mesmerising mixture of Indian and Celtic rhythms. This dance masala will leave you wanting more…

Ihayami Masala will be followed by a classical Indian dance workshop. Anyone is welcome to join and discover the flavour of Indian dance.

As one of the leading South Asian dance companies in the UK, Dance Ihayami offers “a disciplined and elegant alternative to the dominance of Western forms” (Skinny). Dance Ihayami is Scotland’s Indian dance company dedicated to the contemporisation of Indian dance. Founded in 2003 by Priya Shrikumar, the company is based in Edinburgh and works throughout Scotland and beyond. The company challenges ideas about Indian classical dance and creates innovative contemporary work, regularly collaborating with different art forms and media. The work is rooted in strong classical Indian technique, with an edgy contemporary style. Dance Ihayami’s vision is to enrich the Scottish national repertoire of dance, and engage people of all ages and backgrounds in Indian classical and contemporary dance as audience, artists and participants.