2014_02_05 City Chambers 2


The Licensing Committee  agreed earlier today that the Referendum Orange Parade on 13 September  should go ahead by a  majority 4-2 decision.

In moving the motion to approve the parade under certain conditions convener Councillor Gavin Barrie said:

As Convenor I will move that we make an order in respect of this procession and impose the conditions as recommended in the submission by Police Scotland.

“In doing so I will add that I don’t believe anyone on this committee thinks this parade adds any value whatsoever to the referendum debate and if anything detracts from the important issues that should be discussed.

“All the correspondence that I have received on this matter is about the negative impact it may have, but I recognise that the your organisation have registered as a Campaigner in the Referendum on Independence and the Articles of the Convention of Human Rights gives you some protection from prohibition.

“Additionally, whilst I will not seek to amend the Conditions to be imposed at this time, I would ask that Council Officers and Police Scotland meet to ensure that as applied, they are competent to each parade or march that is considered by this committee. I don’t believe they take account changes in society, for instance in Condition 12 where places of worship are mentioned I believe this should cover anywhere where a religious or civil ceremony is taking place.”

The other Orange parades were carried with one councillor recording dissension but not opposing the conditional agreement to them taking place.

The report regarding the Scottish Defence Leagues notification to march on 23 August 2014 is being carried over to a reconvened meeting at 1.35 tomorrow. The applicant failed to appear citing that he had not received the email notification of the change of date to today.

The meeting concluded at 3.30.