New line up announcements with Rachel Newton, Fiona Hunter, Adam Sutherland & Mary MacMaster adding to festival highlights

In the run up to the opening of Edinburgh’s only multi-arts festival dedicated to Scottish culture, traditional, Gaelic and folk arts the organisers have added even more talent to TradFest’s already packed line up of music acts and musicians.

The National Collective’s “AA The Airts: Project Wish Tree” will be hosting a contemporary line up of Scottish talent including Adam Sutherland, Hamish Napier & Innes Watson (Treacherous Orchestra) plus slots by Rachel Newton & Rona Wilkie and many more. Flowers of Edinburgh returns again with a ‘who’s who’ of contemporary Scottish folk including harpist Mary MacMaster, Steve Byrne,  Morag Brown and others. Rachel Newton’s show ‘Changelings’, based on a Celtic Connection New Voices commission, features Corrina Hewat & Rona Wilkie whilst Steve Byrne invites Fiona Hunter, Lucy Pringle, Siobhan Miller & Kirsty Law as part of Scott’s Songs.

Taking place between April 29 and May 11 and boasting over eighty events and shows, spread across twenty six venues in Edinburgh (the hub is the Scottish Storytelling Centre), TradFest promises a hugely entertaining and enlightening programme with something for everyone including a new family-friendly strand to its programme and plenty of free events.

Featuring Scottish and international music concerts, talks and debates spanning Scottish cuisine to political self determination, storytelling sessions revelling in mystical folklore, Fringe theatre, puppet shows, walking tours, visual arts, film screenings, conferences and craft fairs, TradFest will turn Edinburgh into a hive of activity inspired by and coinciding with Beltane and May Day.

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