When compared to the rest of the world, Scotland has one of the highest populations of MS sufferers, per head of  population.

In trying to increase awareness of the debilitating disease, the MS Therapy Centre Lothian, situated in Leith, invited filmmaker Jason DiSilva to show his documentary, ‘When I Walk’ at Filmhouse Cinema, Lothian Road.

When I Walk documents DiSilva as he is diagnosed and lives with MS. Filmed over the course of five years from 2006-2011, it it follows him through his initial symptoms, diagnosis and how he uses his condition as inspiration for film making. Whilst being a painful, honest insight into this man’s talent and relationship being dragged from his grasp, DiSilva has also crafted something beautifully warm and funny. The people who surround this impeccable film maker, notably his girlfriend and mother, are the philosophical drivers of the film, trying to teach him how life should be lived as he is consumed by this confrontational disease.

DiSilva has persevered unbelievably well, his motor skills deteriorating during the making of When I Walk. Segments of the film study how he edits the film you are watching with the assistance of his girlfriend. It’s a disorientating experience; but intriguing and eyeopening nonetheless.

MS Awareness Week runs from today, April 28th to 4th May. Events will be taking place across the Lothian, Borders and Fife area all week, including coffee mornings and parliamentary debates as well as several others. For more information, visit the links below:

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