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Cuckoo’s Bakery in Dundas Street have been running their own poll by offering referendum cupcakes in red, white or blue icing to reflect a Yes, No or Don’t Know vote.

The bakery have announced results at the end of week 6 which show a swing of 4.8% to the YES Campaign who appear to be gaining ground by swaying the UNDECIDED vote.

YES – 36.1% (+ 4.8%)

NO – 46.4% (No Change)

UNDECIDED – 17.5% (-4.8%)

The Cuckoo’s Bakery Opinion Poll has created widespread interest from both media and customers alike with their bakers working through the night to meet demand.

Owner Graham Savage said:- “One lady came in and bought a large number of cakes but of course we cannot say which cakes she bought!

“Cuckoo’s display the results in the window and we see people reading them and leave, amused with a smile on their face!”

Results will continue to be released on a fortnightly basis however on the day results will also be available on request. Cuckoo’s hope to achieve sales of 10,000 cupcakes between now and the independence referendum on 18 September 2014,  and think this will give a very good indication of public opinion. We are not sure that it is entirely scientific – but it is certainly a bit of fun!

A referendum cupcake is raspberry and white chocolate flavour and is priced at £2.50 to take away and £3.00 to sit in. Cuckoo’s will also deliver from their website which you will find here.