This competition ends on 30 April 2014.
Lari Don is an Edinburgh-based writer who has just published her latest book Mind Blind, written for young adults.
This is what she says about it:-“Ciaran Bane is a criminal with a very useful talent: he can read minds. But his skill comes at a price, and often feels more like a curse than a gift. Lucy Shaw’s sister has just been murdered, killed for a secret Ciaran’s family wants to bury. Ciaran seems to be responsible for Vivian’s death, and Lucy wants revenge. But they are forced to work together to search for Vivian’s deadly secret. They can run, but where can they hide if they aren’t safe, even inside their own minds?Mind Blind is my first novel for teen readers, and also my first novel that isn’t set in the Scottish countryside with myths and magic in the air. It’s set in two cities (London and Edinburgh) and it’s a thriller, with death, crime, a bit of swearing, betrayal, chases…I had huge fun writing it, though it was very different to research and to imagine than anything I’ve written before, and some of the scenes were quite dark and distressing to write.”
The Edinburgh Reporter met up with Lari on the High Street so that she could read some of her book for you. Mind Blind is published by Floris Books Price £4.99

Find out more about Mind Blind: 

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