AlbertsChurch 2

Nestled just off Middle Meadow Walk behind a Georgian townhouse lies a very modern, and very beautiful chapel. It is fully accessible from George Square lane for any wheelchair users.

You may never have noticed it, unless you are a student at one of the universities who use it for worship. Whether or not you are a churchgoer it is a very lovely example of modern architecture blending in with the old. When you are in the building you feel as though you are just sitting in the garden.

We hope you like our photos. Please let us know if you have a favourite place or building in the city which is not so well known. Either send us a photo or we can go and do our best to capture the essence of some of our hidden wonders.

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Here is the YouTube video from the time it was designed and then built. The church was opened in 2012, and you can find out more about it here on the website.