The Edinburgh Reporter was out on Princes Street today to watch the tram being put through its paces in amongst the traffic and pedestrians.

Our photographer Thomas Haywood was along at Haymarket and Shandwick Place to get some lovely shots and then scooted along to the Walter Scott Monument to get some very different aerial views.


ETD-6032 ETD-6041 ETD-6051 ETD-6062 ETD-6105 ETD-6113 ETD-6121 ETD-6125 ETD-6130 ETD-6134 ETD-6139

The tram is both smooth and almost silent apart from its warning bell, so Edinburgh pedestrians would be well advised to observe the green man.

Not many do in Edinburgh, but then in our experience not all pedestrian crossings are responsive very quickly. If a pedestrian knew that the crossing would operate in their favour within a short time then they might be encouraged to wait.

Edinburgh Trams have some tips for other road users on their website.

What do you think? Oh – and have a look at our video!


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