“Check on!”

These two words might not mean too much to many people, but to the staff behind the bar in Henricks it’s their signal that another order for drinks has been placed, and when ‘Check On!’ is being called every few minutes it means that the pub is busy. The reason this pub is busy is down to a great team of people who over the last couple of years have turned this establishment  into a wonderful place to eat and drink.

Chris and Ailsa who took over the running of Henricks Bar have worked incredibly hard to take a small cocktail bar that served food and turn it into a still small, but now bustling and busy bar that sells great food and great wine. They also hold theme nights and wine nights and offer a very good pre-theatre menu.

P1080702I myself have frequented this pub since Chris and Ailsa took over as mine hosts, and for me it has been an amazing journey to watch these two in their first joint venture, working and running their own business.

Between them they have a wealth of knowledge of working in the drinks and wine industry.  Since buying this business they have worked together to gather a great team of people who now meet and greet you as you enter the bar, usher you to a table, take your drinks and food order. Nothing new there? Well it is just these personal touches which make all the difference and it’s something that in my view you rarely see these days.

Another great thing is that you are not bombarded with loud music or blaring TV screens here. It’s a bar you can actually sit down and talk in, yes have real conversations. It’s dog friendly too.

photo-5As with any good business you must have good staff and the team at Henricks are second to none, friendly helpful chatty when they are not too busy and totally love their work and they go that extra mile when needed. The bar itself has gone through periods of change which have not always been plain sailing. There have been tears and tantrums, floods and redecoration, but now it’s all come together. The highlight of this year has been Chris and Ailsa finally tying the knot and getting married, so now they are more than just business partners!

So this review is my little gift to two great people who make my visits to their bar, sometimes with family and friends, a great and enjoyable experience and one that I highly recommend to others.


So if you’re ever in this bar and you hear the sound of ‘Check On’ being called you will know you’re in the right place!

Henricks Bar 1-3 Barclay Pl, EH10 4HW T +44 131 229 2442

Submitted by David Jacobs