Police Scotland

Police Scotland has today issued a statement to clarify the Force position in relation to a report provided to the Licensing Sub-Committee:

Superintendent Matt Richards said: “Police Scotland does not advocate the banning of condoms. As part of the Council’s review of the licences for some of the Edinburgh saunas, Police Scotland submitted a number of written recommendations for their consideration.

“These focus on ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the users and staff at the premises.  These included recommendations that the premises were not used as a place of residence, that no-one under the age of 18 should be permitted on the premises and that the addresses should be properly equipped to offer sauna and massage services.

“At no point do the recommendations make reference to the banning of condoms. Police Scotland absolutely supports proper measures to protect sexual health.

“The issue of prostitution is a complex one and we work with the City of Edinburgh Council and local health services to ensure the safety of those involved in the sex trade.

“The recommendations submitted by Police Scotland are to assist the Committee to consider how they might ensure that the premises are operated safely and are a direct result of licensing contraventions detected during recent inspections of the saunas.  It is a matter for the Council’s Regulatory Committee to decide which conditions are applied on a case-by-case basis.

“We will continue to adopt a practical and positive stance towards harm reduction working with our partners in the health service Local Authority and third sector.”