American Candy World


There has been much Twitter debate about the new American style candy store which appeared recently on Princes Street on the site of the former Clark’s shoe shop. The chat is not about the products which are sold there, but the way the new tenants have altered the signage outside.

There does not appear to be any recent application for planning permission or listed building consent for the new signage from our searches of the council’s planning portal.

  The Edinburgh Reporter spoke to Planning Convenor Ian Perry today to find out what the position is, and what the council is doing about it.


  1. Too many upper class twits complaining about the ‘awful’ american flag themed signage, when they forget about all those ugly tartan themed scottish tourist shops filled with junk all over edinburgh. If people really wanted to get rid of them,they should have investigated them when they sold those questionable non nestle wonka bars..

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