The Edinburgh Reporter Giant Pandas 42 (2)

And it appears yet again that we are being told that no news is good news……

Simon Girling, Head of Veterinary Services for the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, said:

“We know it seems hard to believe after all this time, but Tian Tian, our female giant panda, is still continuing to show signs of being in the late term of pregnancy. Her behaviour has mellowed out over the past few days, which is a very positive sign and she has also started to produce colostrum.

“As pandas experiencing a pseudo-pregnancy also produce colostrum and behave just as a pregnant panda would, these signs are still not 100 per cent indicative of pregnancy, but while Tian Tian continues to show signs of late term pregnancy, we will continue to treat her in that way, which means allowing her to enjoy time off show while keepers monitor her around the clock.

“Yang Guang, our male giant panda, has been off colour for a few weeks. As with any other animal in our collection, we carried out some routine blood sample and imaging tests on Monday 16th September and thankfully nothing major was found. We believe he may have a minor metabolic disorder with reduced blood levels of calcium and since starting a regime of supplements he has shown significant improvement and his keepers are really happy with him. We expect him to recover in a matter of weeks.”