The council have decided to splash the cash on renovating and restoring the Greyfriars Bobby statue.

Scotland’s most famous dog, Greyfriars Bobby, is to get a facelift this week following a Facebook campaign that highlighted how the practice of rubbing the statue’s nose for luck was wearing off the colour on his nose. The council are spending around £500 on the work.

As you can see from the photos, today bronze sculpture conservation and restoration specialists, Powderhall Bronze, are undertaking work to clean, re-patinate and wax Bobby’s nose to restore the black colour that had been lost over time.


Councillor Richard Lewis, the city’s Culture and Sport Convener, said:- “Although Bobby has never been in any immediate danger, it was highlighted to us that the practice of rubbing his nose was starting to make him look a little scruffy. As one of the most famous – and most popular – statues in the Capital, it’s only right that he looks his best at all times.

“Once we became aware of the local concern it was clear that we had to act and I’m delighted we’ve been able to get specialists in to restore Greyfriars Bobby to his former glory.”

Becky Thomson, who started the Facebook campaign calling for an end to the practice of rubbing the statue’s nose for luck, today welcomed the Council’s action.

She said:- “This campaign started out as a bit of fun and I was amazed by how many people supported the page.  We discussed ways we could address the problem as ordinary members of the public – by asking tour guides to discourage it or maybe using anti-climb paint. Given that this is a world-famous statue in a World Heritage site it now makes sense the Council are involved.

“Now it is up to anybody who is passing just to keep an eye open and politely ask people to keep their paws off Bobby’s nose so it doesn’t happen again!”

What do you think – would you be brave enough to tell a tourist off?