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Edinburgh Gets CrossFit Ready 

Edinburgh’s leading martial arts, and fitness gym, Combat Ready on Newhaven Road has launched a new series of CrossFit classes, just in time for those looking to tone up after the summer holiday period.

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning programme from the US, which gets you in the best shape imaginable and fast.

Sessions which last for 45 minutes focus on improving key areas such as stamina, strength, power, agility and flexibility and utilises everything from  olympic weights, kettle bells, medicine balls, sledgehammers, gymnastics and bodyweight exercises.

And thanks to its impressive results the training programme has gathered a celebrity following with A-listers such as Jessica Biel, Kelly Clarkson and Channing Tatum all adding CrossFit to their regular workout sessions.

Marcus Houston, owner of Combat Ready Gym, and affiliated CrossFit coach said: “CrossFit is a fantastic way to get fit, regardless of age, shape and current fitness levels as all workouts can be adjusted to suit the individual.

“When you apply effort towards the training and follow some basic dietary principles you cannot fail to get fitter, faster and stronger.

“It’s a relatively new way of training here in Scotland and has only just taken off, but it has been big in the US where it first started around 13 years ago. Part of its appeal is the mixture of fast and intense exercise drills, which combined with good nutrition and continued sessions, give effective results and fast.

“What’s more CrossFit has a great sense of community about it, as there are various online training forums where people can share their workouts and give each other tips and support. It’s not just a case of turning up to a training session once or twice a week and that’s it, it’s about everything in between, lifestyle, diet etc.

“The response to the classes has been great so far, with everyone relishing the chance to try something new and add more variation into their training regimes.

“And those who haven’t tried anything like this needn’t be afraid of coming down and giving it a go. We have instructors on hand to show you the ropes and will work with you to adjust the workout drills to suit your strength and abilities.”

The main principles of CrossFit focus on creating a broad, general and inclusive fitness programme, which will help prepare trainees for a variety of physical contingencies. It focuses on ten core principles; cardio endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, co-ordination, agility, balance and accuracy.

With each of these combined, CrossFit can prepare you for anything life or training may throw at you helping you get in the best possible shape in the shortest time possible. Depending on body type, most people can expect to see significant results after just eight weeks, providing they eat healthy and work out regularly.

There are only a handful of accredited CrossFit trainers in Edinburgh one of those being Marcus Houston who trained out in Las Vegas in order to get accredited.

Marcus is no stranger to training and teaching abroad having been to the US on several occasions as well as Italy, Norway and Germany.  With over 10 years experience as a personal trainer his Combat Ready Gym now offers the biggest CrossFit facility in Edinburgh.

CrossFit classes at Combat Ready Gym, run four times a week every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 6pm to 6.45pm and every Saturday from 11am to 11.45am with sessions costing just £6 each.

The gym itself, which was established in 2009 is a bare bones, no frills training facility.

As well as CrossFit, Combat Ready Gym also provides training in kickboxing, boxing, kettle bells, Krav Maga self defence from Israel and owner Marcus Houston offers personal training session for men and women at all fitness levels.

More information about CrossFit and Combat Ready Gym can be found at  or by contacting Marcus direct on 0800 028 9320