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A £150m investment programme is beginning with a £25m expansion involving 100 new construction jobs which will be provided during the construction.

Edinburgh Airport is investing £25m in a significant expansion of the airport’s terminal building, creating the foundations of the airport’s ambitious growth plans and providing passengers with more space and a new state of the art security area.

The new 6000 square metre facility will be built around a larger security area which will allow passengers to move through that part of the airport faster and more efficiently. The use of extra space, coupled with new technology, processes and training will mark a step change in the service provided to UK airport passengers. There will also be new retail areas and a brand new airline business centre.

Edinburgh Airport chief executive, Gordon Dewar, said: -“Our expansion is a significant mark of our intent to transform our customers’ experience of Edinburgh Airport through high quality facilities, outstanding customer service and one of the best direct international route networks in Europe.

“This investment is the first of a number of developments that will build Edinburgh Airport’s profile around the world, helping us to compete more energetically with other UK airports and those in mainland Europe.”

The expanded terminal will move into the space currently occupied by the airport’s coach park, moving the terminal access closer to the new tram stop. By moving the security area into this extension, valuable space within the terminal will be freed for more passenger and retail spaces including the airport’s first walk through store. Edinburgh Airport will offer more choice to its passengers than ever before.


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The Board of Edinburgh Airport has committed to investing £150m in Scotland’s busiest airport over the next five years to allow it to compete more energetically on the international stage and to ensure that its facilities reflect the predicted growth in passenger numbers. This new £25m terminal expansion is the first major project in an ambitious investment plan.

Work will begin in October 2013, with the new security product operational by late 2014. The new retail space will follow in 2015.

Gordon Dewar added: “Our experience this summer, with unprecedented numbers of passengers and airlines at Edinburgh, highlights our ongoing need to invest in facilities to meet growing demand and to do so without any taxpayer support.

“We’re keenly aware of our responsibility to be the place where Scotland meets the world. This is an investment not just for in the future of the airport, but for Edinburgh and Scotland and we are delighted to play our part in offering a warm welcome and, importantly, great memories of our capital city.

“This is an excellent example of an exciting new development planned from beginning to end in Edinburgh, which has taken months – and not years – to plan and implement. No bureaucracy – just a clear focus on what our customers want. I’m grateful to the Board for the support it has given my team in delivering for our passengers and airlines.”

David Birrell, Chief Executive of Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, said: “A thriving airport is of critical importance to Edinburgh as Scotland’s capital, as its financial and cultural hub, and as a gateway to the nation as a whole. The city is already benefitting from the knock-on effect of a successful airport. The news of Edinburgh Airport’s continued investment plans underline its commitment to delivering a quality customer experience, to attracting new routes and ultimately to ongoing growth. That has to be good news for Edinburgh.”

Convenor of Economy Committee
Convenor of Economy Committee

Councillor Frank Ross, Convenor of the Economy Committee, said: “Edinburgh is in a fiercely competitive global market and a growing, successful Edinburgh Airport is absolutely crucial for keeping us well- connected. While the city has weathered the recession very well we need more capacity to continue attracting the tourists, students, investors and business visitors who help to create jobs for Edinburgh residents. From next summer travellers will also have an attractive and efficient route straight to the heart of the capital thanks to the tram service with its stop close to the terminal building.”