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If you were taking part then you would know that the Rat Race took place in Edinburgh over the weekend. Other than catching sight of the tents when we passed by on Sunday, we knew very little about it. In June however there is another Rat Race event in Edinburgh that you can take part in…at least you can if you are very fit. Called from City to Summit you have to swim, cycle and run your way from Edinburgh to Ben Nevis….


Police in Edinburgh are appealing for witnesses following a theft from a farm in the west of the city.

The incident happened sometime between 7.30pm on Monday 29th April and 5am on Tuesday 30th April at the Rosebank Farm in Currie.

An AL-KO Kober flatbed tilting trailer was stolen from the grounds and enquiries are ongoing to trace those responsible for the theft.

Officers believe a 4×4 vehicle, possibly a Land Rover, was used and anyone who remembers seeing a car like this in the area around the farm last week is asked to come forward.

The same vehicle is believed to be responsible for a number of other incidents, which took place on rural roads and farmland areas in the Harlaw and Flotterstone area between March and April, resulting in footpaths and gates being damaged.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “We are keen to trace this 4×4 vehicle as soon as possible, and anyone who can help us identify the driver is asked to contact police immediately.

“The vehicle is believed to have spotlights on the roof and a snorkel air intake and regular road users and local residents in the area may remember seeing something similar to this being driven around in the past couple of months.

“Those who can assist with our enquires can contact Police Scotland on 101 or alternatively, the charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”


Mark Douglas-Home will speak about the sequel to his debut novel The Sea Detective featuring crime solving oceanographer Cal McGill..

Mark will appear at Corstorphine Library next Wednesday 15 May 2013 at 6.30pm to read from and talk about his new book.

If you’d like to attend please give Corstorphine Libary a call on 0131 529 5506 or emailcorstorphine.library@edinburgh.gov.uk


The nice people at Eteaket on Frederick Street have launched their leaf teabags online.  All very eco friendly these bags, and you are promised a tasty cup of tea. More on their website…


So you already know that the tram project is progressing, but if you need to see something to believe it, then have a look at these aerial photos here on the council website. 

Then have a look at our video below and do remember that it is possible for you to go on the trams right now. If you have a group who would be interested in having a hurl on the tram then get in touch with the council. They can organise for you to go on the tram between Gogar and the airport to see what it is like…


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