The People’s Postcode Lottery has announced another Edinburgh winner.

Elaine from Gyle Park Gardens  won £20,000. Well done!

Gyle Park Gardens resident, Elaine Brown, was the lucky player to win the impressive sum, after her postcode, EH12 8NQ, was drawn as the Saturday Street prize winner. ‘Gobsmacked’ at having won, 51-year-old Elaine was left ‘feeling wonderful’ after she revealed her winning cheque and saw the £20,000 figure.

“This just isn’t something you imagine will happen to you,” said Elaine. “I have to keep pinching myself to realise that it’s true. It is such a surprise, but a lovely surprise nonetheless.

“We haven’t been on holiday abroad for about seven years or so, so this will definitely be used for myself, my husband, Hugh, and our daughter Sarah to jet off on holiday somewhere and get some sun.”

Although the couple has had a few ideas of where they will go, they are planning on keeping the holiday plans a secret from their 11-year-old daughter, Sarah.

“We have a few ideas of where we would like to go, but we’ve not told Sarah,” continued Elaine. “The last time we went away we went to Portugal, so she will probably think we’re going there. But we’ll keep it a surprise for her for a wee while.”

And although it was their Edinburgh address and lucky postcode that won Elaine and Hugh the fantastic sum, the couple are both originally from the West Coast, from Cumbernauld and Bishopbriggs respectively. They both moved to Edinburgh for work, where Hugh works in communications for CrossReach and Elaine has been working as a project worker for Barnardos for 24 years.

Both working in the charity sector, Elaine and Hugh appreciate how important it is to raise money for charities and good causes all across the country. In fact, together, players of People’s Postcode Lottery have raised over £24.7 million to date, with more than £614,000 being awarded to good causes throughout Edinburgh city.

People’s Postcode Lottery ambassador and Street Prize Presenter Judie McCourt said; “It was great to meet Elaine and find out more about how she and Hugh are going to spend their winnings. We’re sure they will have a wonderful time on holiday, wherever they go. Congratulations again and thanks to players for their continued support of the many fantastic good causes all across the country.”