Bin the Bedroom Tax – Start Local Fight-Back Groups NOW

Come along on Thursday 11th April 2013 @ 7pm North Edinburgh Arts Centre. All welcome.

This meeting is to help form/ support local groups in Pilton, Muirhouse, Royston Wardieburn, Granton, Drylaw and all the areas of North Edinburgh. All opposed to the bedroom tax and the cuts are welcome. All local people are invited, including all North Edinburgh tenants and residents groups, and other local groups.

Our aim is to have strong local groups which can
– stop any evictions for rent arrears due to the cuts
– fight for all the rent arrears from the bedroom tax to be written off
– struggle for the complete abolition of the bedroom tax
– support all local people affected in making an appeal against the cut to their Housing Benefit and/or applying for a Discretionary Housing Payment

Submitted by Robert Pearson