Health Information on the move!

Since it was launched in 2010, NHS inform has grown and is now firmly established as Scotland’s national provider of quality assured health information.

As more people choose to search the internet from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, a mobile version of has been developed that will allow people to access the site’s wide ranging features while on the move.


The mobile version of the site has been developed specifically to provide instant accessibility which means, as Marcia Rankin, Head of Health Information Service at NHS 24 explains, that people can find out what they need – fast: “we know from looking at the way people use the NHS inform website that they often want access to information quickly and easily. By making the website mobile, people can look at features such as the  Health A-Z directory or  Common Health Questions from a wide range of devices without the need to download an app. The mobile site is also easy to find from any search engine and information can easily be shared via URLs across email or text message, Facebook or Twitter.”


The mobile version of can be viewed by searching for the NHS inform site via a mobile or tablet device, or by copying and pasting into the browser bar of the device. As the desktop version of NHS inform ( continues to evolve, so too will the mobile version of the site with additional features added over time.