Edinburgh smokers are urged to quit today and save enough for a summer holiday. New Smokeline Holiday Savings Calculator highlights how much smokers could save by quitting smoking in time for their summer break

By quitting smoking, the average 14-a-day Scottish smoker could save almost £500 in just three months – enough for a holiday in the sun, according to the results of a new survey to launch the Smokeline Summer Saver Campaign.

A third (32%) of smokers in Scotland are not taking a summer holiday this year because they can’t afford to. However, Edinburgh’s 87,267 smokers could save a whopping £42 million over the next three months, just in time for the summer holiday season, if they quit smoking.

The Smokeline Summer Saver campaign visits Edinburgh today in partnership with Barrhead Travel, at a pop-up beach in Cameron Toll Shopping Centre, to underline the financial benefits of stopping smoking and urge smokers to call Smokeline, the national stop smoking helpline.

For the (53%) of Scottish smokers who have already booked or are planning to book a holiday in the summer, most are likely to spend up to £500 per person on flights, accommodation and spending money, costs which could be covered by quitting smoking.

The Smokeline Summer Saver campaign will be visiting cities and towns across Scotland over the coming weeks to show smokers that quitting smoking with Smokeline’s help could fund this year’s summer break. Smokers will be able to use the new Holiday Savings Calculator to find out how much they could save in time for their summer holiday, by quitting smoking today. For example, a smoker on just 10 cigarettes a day could save more than £500 by the middle of August – enough for a week at a 3* resort in Faliraki or Turkey with Barrhead Travel, including flights.

All of Barrhead Travel’s Scottish stores are supporting the Smokeline Summer Saver Challenge, with posters and Quit Guides available to pick up in-store, as well as information online and in ticket wallets.

Minister for Public Health, Michael Matheson, said: “We know that quitting smoking is the one of the best things someone can do to improve their health. However what people often don’t realise is just how much extra money they could have in their pocket by giving up smoking. Now is the time of year that many people start to think about their summer holidays – whether it’s going somewhere new or spending quality time with family and friends.

“But finding the money isn’t always easy. That’s why our stop smoking campaign aims to show people how they could save enough money to help pay for their summer holiday this year.

“The campaign is backed by a huge range of free support services to help anyone who wants to quit. Smokeline staff can help find the right quitting method to suit their lifestyle and help work towards their summer holiday goals.

“Call Smokeline for free on 0800 848484 or visit www.canstopsmoking.com to find out more or chat online.”

Bill Munro, Barrhead Travel chairman, said, “Barrhead Travel fully supports this campaign to encourage smokers to improve their health by quitting. Saving the money they would have spent can easily mount up and mean that they actually can afford that holiday or short break after all – and it’s a great incentive to keep going when there’s such a great reward at the end of it.”

Bill was a heavy smoker himself for many years, having started in his early teens and gave up 20 years ago. He has friends who have developed diseases such as COPD and cancer as a result of smoking, so instead of enjoying a well-deserved retirement by travelling the world, some even have a problem walking up stairs. He feels very strongly about supporting this campaign as he has first-hand experience of the results it can bring.

To find out how much you could save in time for a summer holiday this year, try the Holiday Savings Calculator at www.canstopsmoking.com.

If you’re thinking about quitting smoking, or if you’ve recently stopped and are looking for some support to help you stay quit, call Smokeline on 0800 848484 or visit www.canstopsmoking.com and chat online.

Smokeline’s trained advisers can provide free help and advice to support you in your stop smoking attempt. They can also point you in the direction of experienced, knowledgeable people in your local area who can give you all the support and encouragement you need for free. You’re more likely to stop smoking with the right help and Smokeline’s friendly advisers can help you find a way to stop smoking that’s the right match for you and your needs.

If you’re ready to quit smoking, visit www.canstopsmoking.com or call Smokeline for free on 0800 848484 between 8am and 10pm to speak with an adviser and find the quitting method that’s right for you.


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