In a small estate off Craighall Road in Trinity there is a veritable mountain of smelly rubbish waiting for collection this morning. It has been accumulating since the date of the last collection which was before Christmas, and now waste is strewn over the area from the black bags, and the bins are open and overflowing.

One of the residents told The Edinburgh Reporter that they had expected that the rubbish would have been collected before New Year, but that has not proved to be the case. Now they expect that their bins might be collected on 8 January but say they are not holding their breath.


But the people who live in the 24 flats have not simply been standing around doing nothing but complain. They did take some rubbish to the nearest community recycling facility only to find that bins were full there too!

They have been in touch with the council by Twitter over the weekend, and one of the residents has been in touch by phone, but so far nothing has been done to collect the rubbish or tell residents when it will be lifted.

The worry for locals is that even if the bin men collect the waste from the bins there is so much overflow that this will just fill the bins again. There have been reports before in other areas of the city about bins being emptied and overspill left behind.

The Grandfield residents who contacted The Reporter to highlight the problem also sent us the photos which accompany our article.  There are twelve flats in each block, and what you can see in the photographs is rubbish from 24 households lying uncollected for just over two weeks.

Only a few weeks back the residents were given their food recycling bins to start recycling compostable food waste. The trouble is that the council did not also give them a large outside bin to put the waste into for collection. The good people of Grandfield have had a look but the nearest food recycling bin is on Ferry Road which is a distance away, and just a little too far to walk with their little green bags!

We have invited comment from the council on our article and hope they will add this below.