One of Edinburgh’s most popular fitness instructors, Jenny MacLean, of EnergyWise Health & Fitness, has launched an exciting new service, aimed at helping people get fitter, faster.

The service is based on neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques and takes the form of coaching clients how to overcome perceived barriers to fitness.

Jenny, who offers both Pilates classes and one to one fitness and Pilates training, recently qualified as an NLP practitioner, to enable her to further enhance her fitness services.

She explained:- “People really do want to be fitter and healthier, but there are many reasons why they do not achieve their goals. One of these is motivation, which crops up time and time again as a significant challenge.

“A good, experienced personal trainer can make a big difference to motivation levels. But I am now taking it a step further by helping clients identify why motivation is an issue for them and helping them overcome any long-held perceptions about exercise, which may be holding them back.

“Once clients have changed their view of exercise, it boosts their confidence levels. They can then motivate themselves more easily and results can be achieved more quickly.”

Jenny’s NLP training will also enable her to help clients who wish to overcome over-eating, or comfort eating habits, which are preventing them from achieving health and fitness goals.