Police in West Lothian are appealing for information after a stolen motorcycle was involved in a collision with a woman on a path in Livingston on Wednesday 3 October.


The bike was stolen from the back garden of a property in Clement Rise, Livingston, sometime after 9.30am.


Witnesses saw the bike being ridden on the Burnside Path near to the Asda supermarket by two boys described as being around 10 and 13 years old, both between 4ft – 4ft 6ins tall.


Shortly after, it was involved in a collision on the path with a 23-year-old woman at 5.15pm who was unable to step out of the way of the bike.She sustained cuts and bruisesand was taken to hospital.


Following the collision, the two suspects abandoned the bike and made off on foot. The bike was returned to its owner and enquiries are now ongoing to trace the two suspects.


A Lothian and Borders Police spokesperson said: “While not seriously injured, the woman involved in this collision has been shaken by the incident.


“We believe that this motorbike had been in the area for a short while prior to the collision, and we are appealing to anyone who may have seen the small green and black bike to come forward with any information immediately.


“Similarly, anyone who knows who the two suspects are should come forward as a matter of urgency.”