The Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh has installed two lovely new murals in their entrance way. The murals have been devised to try and create a welcome for those entering hospital who may be fearful as to what is to happen to them during their stay.

The Edinburgh Reporter spoke to the chair of the fundraising committee the Sick Kids Friends’ Foundation, Maureen Harrison, and the grandparents of the young artist whose work is featured on one of the murals to find out more. Jack Henderson who is now only 7 achieved worldwide fame last year when he launched a campaign to raise money for SKFF when his little brother Noah was treated at the hospital after becoming ill. Jack set up a website to draw on demand any picture that people asked for in exchange for a donation to the charity. His website Jack Draws Anything was set up along with the help of his father Ed. The youngster raised about £32,000 for the charity from his efforts. He has now moved to the USA along with his parents and his little brother and it is clear that Mr & Mrs Henderson Sr are missing him a lot.