Saint Saviour

Wednesday 31 October  2012 at  Sneaky Pete’s

Touring her debut album ‘Union’ featuring the single release ‘Tightrope’, Saint Saviour brings her intoxicating expressionism to Sneaky Pete’s, Cowgate.  If you’ve never ever been to a gig in your life – here is why you will need to go to this one…it is what your soul was given to you for. Now read on…here is my review from her recent Birmingham gig.

…demurely taming feral beats with vocals recalling Cocteau’s Elizabeth Fraser, Kate Bush, Siouxsie and Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance/Gladiator themes) and possibly a wink from Bats For Lashes this is one spectacular, enigmatic trance-dance diva, a 21st century uber-vox femme fatale.

In floaty, arabesque, three-quarter length, dress of Cubist shades and silken cute, raven black bobbed coiffeur, Saint Saviour mesmerised the small, but none the less, collective of shrewdly informed, dedicated and soon to be awestruck punters. The re-affirmation of her consummate stage presence, labyrinthine vocal registers and beguiling body sculptured dance images, set now, in the context of her own creative domain, was transfixing.

Baroque splendor. Disparate time signatures, polyphonic vocals, exquisitely tempered musicianship creating timeless audio-scapes of fragile, timbre’d cadence distinguished just some of her remarkable gifts. Forever plucking unexpected treasures of rare delight from an enchanted pool of seemingly depthless imagination, her gravitas is complemented by the beauty of her sinuous expressionism, engaging affability and focused conviction.

So, Edinburgh when she hits town and asks you if music be the food of love, is it an X Factor kebab or a draught from her Circean, chalice? It will be Hallow’een remember!

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Photos © Ian Dunn